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  • Sfer Sfer Nov 14, 2008 17:26 Flag

    a lesson.........

    Morning gimpy wherever you are. Time to wipe that crusty stuff off your hands and start a new day.

    What have you got planned? Beans out the tin for breakie...read of The Sun which you have dug out the bin next to the Burger King you work at....put a few nasty things in a few burgers so you and your "mates" (cos they don't like you really) can have a laugh from the kitchen as the people you despise eat them...slink back home after you shift through the dirty halls up to your grimy flat, past the dealers and crack heads and in through your paint peeling door and sanctuary! No one else can see you now. Those nasty people that look at you as if you are dog sh1te can't see you now can they.

    What a day eh gimpy! Oh well the weekend starts tonight. You can go and walk round the park with your mp3 in but don't forget to walk fast and not stroll otherwise people will know you have got nowhere to go.

    Just think - you have many many years of this to look forward to. Bet your glad you did well at school and passed all of your exams eh? otherwise can you imagine how sad your life would be now???

    Catch you later gimpy!