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  • dave dave Nov 14, 2008 17:12 Flag

    Next 6 league games...

    morning mike,

    pretty fair forecast, however, i can see the defeat coming at wh and not up t'north, it does look like a fairly good run of games where we should pick up a fair few points, hope we do just that, pretty confident we can ;-)

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    • isn't it funny as to how our outlook has changed....not so long ago when i popped into this site....it was about relegation ,,,,,,despondency and downbeat were the order of the day.....now the sun is shining.....smiles appear,the new messiah has risen .....and we are forecasting wins instead of defeats........isn't it great(altho' i don't want to tempt fate)....

    • Morning Berlin,

      I am more confident going into the next 6 games then I was in the 6!

      I couldn't see us getting any result at the Gooners, Liverpool or Man City while Ramos was still in charge - so I'm convinced that our next 6 games will yield some great performances, wins and points on the board.

      Forgot to say that we also have UEFA cup games against..

      NEC Nijmegen (A) on the 27th of Nov 2-1 win
      Spartak Moscow (H) on the 18th of Dec 4-1 win

      And also a Carling Cup fixture as well

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      • I think we'll have Fulham, regardless of their form there'll never be a better time for us to play them. IF we go with 2 up front (I know probably unlikely), 3-1.

        Everton, depends on their form nearer the time, but I think will be a tricky fixture for us. I'd be happy(ish) with a draw.

        Utd, 1-1 sounds about right to me.

        What was the other one I wanted to comment on... oh yeah, West Ham. I think that'll be high scoring mayhem, one of those matches that could be 4-4, 7-2 or anything in between. Especially if they've not settled down yet. Bring on the madness!

    • Morning all,

      Looks a fair assessment Mike. In the top half by Xmas sounds great to me considering.

      I do think we will beat Newcastle though! Isn't it great that we are now discussing who we will beat rather than what is wrong at the club and how we can avoid a relegation battle!