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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Nov 15, 2008 01:58 Flag

    school of......

    independant thought.

    spurs board (pick a day)

    berlin blower: hi all!
    sfart: hi all!
    berlin blower:how are you?
    sfart:i am perfect.
    berlin blower:me too!
    sfart:i know this.
    b.b: i know you know this chum.
    sfart:i know you know i know this chummy chum cum.
    b.b:how is life?
    sfart:life is perfect, i have 2.4 children, a car a house and a partner who can lick themselves.
    b.b. i know this, so do i!
    sfart:we are the envy of all mankind.
    b.b:yes we ARE the envy of all mankind.
    sfart:our club is too.
    b.b.yes our club is too.
    sfart:somebody named fabongrass questioned this.
    b.b:yes he questioned me too.
    sfart:i had no argument.
    b.b: me too.
    sfart:i placed him on ignore.
    b.b:me too!
    sfart:i had an idea!
    b.b:i gave you that idea!
    sfart:we shall call him names!
    b.b:yes we shall!
    sfart:we will win the arguments!
    b.b: yes we shall!
    sfart:we are educated men and a benefit to society!
    b.b:yes we are!
    sfart:do you ever fantasise sexually in your perfect world?
    b.b:yes i do! i wish to penetrate men anally and rim them, whilst they wear arsenal shirts!
    sfart:yes me too!
    b.b:we shall have a gimp on the go!
    sfart:yes we shall!
    b.b. we can lick each other too!
    sfart : yes we can!!
    b.b:my tongue is up your arse.
    sfart:my tongue is up yours too!
    b.b and sfart together: PERFECT! independant arse lickers we have become! mmmmmmmmmm.....

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    • hello sfer.

      sorry to inform you of the fact i had no help whatsoever in writing that or any other post.

      sorry you cant take what you give too, you really shouldnt start things if you do not wish the same in reply.

      i agree, these posts, started by YOU and berlin blower and replied to in kind by me are no good whatsoever to this or any other board,or any individual who comes here for entertainment. i find it very sad indeed that you resort to threats of violence too, that says even more about you than all of your insane ramblings put together, you know as well as me it was you who went down this very sad, very immature and very ignorant avenue first.
      i also find it incredibly silly that you wish to carry on these frankly worthless personal remarks in a private manner, i myself have no wish to whatsoever, i,m sorry if that dissapoints you.
      Have fun, you fine upstanding example of a man, you will no doubt be glad to hear you wont be hearing from me again, i have no doubt you view this as a personal "victory" so be it, frankly i have better things to do in my life.
      If you where even half the man you purport to be you would offer an apologie, but i know you wont, because i believe i know more of your psychological make up than you realise.
      on my part, i will offer my apologies, if only to any remark made about your partner,and to anybody who may have been offended by my remarks,i do this solely as i consider myself a decent person, who leads a decent way of life,something which you have no idea of, we both know you directed degrading comments first,no matter, i,m a better man than you will ever be.

      yours fabongrass.

    • Sfer - try hangableauto02@btinternet.com It's just a hunch

    • Hiya gimpy and your imaginary friends.

      You think I vote conservative.
      You think I would shoot somebody that disagrees with me.
      You think I don't know that you had help writing your last message you sad boy.

      You really don't read (or cant read) my messages do you!

      Ney Nick, I think I won. I got 6 swear words out of gimpy in one message!

      Gimpy - I don't think its fair to make others on this board read your juvinile thoughts so how about we take this off this board.

      You can mail me on this keepitwarmforme@googlemail.com

      I'll be waiting my little halitosis friend. Don't think I won't come looking for you if you dont respond. Clever people like me with a bit of money can find people like you. Looking forward to meeting you gimpy.

    • my apologies, for the reference to the conservative party, i have no doubt sfer would prefer i voted B.N.P.

    • Hi Gimpy,

      Was that your best shot? bet you had to think about that for a long time didn't you. Didn't work as well as you hoped though did it! These things have a habit of sounding better in your head than when written down don't they.

      Oh well never mind, don't let it put you off - keep trying.

      Now, how has your day been? Letched at 16 year old Zoe on the counter again eh? The thought of her handling those greasy burgers turns you on doesn't it! That off white blouse streaked with ketchup, those ill fitting black trousers with frayed hem and best of all, that little cute hat set to one side perched on that pulled back greasy hair. You love it don't you!

      What you up to tomorrow? Day off isn't it? Don't tell me - down to the kiddy park again gimpy! You gotta be careful gimpy. That hood and mp3 don't hide the fact that you are looking you know. Someone might see you looking and then what? All the old stories will come out. You remember those ones about you at school and the shower and the boy in the year 2 below you!

      Oh well don't worry it will probably never happen and if it does you can always make new friends in the hostel they put you in. They like computer games and being close to each other as well so you'll be fine.All buddies together, giving each other a "hand" wink wink eh gimpy!

      Oh and your Mum called earlier. Wanted to know if you had any plans to visit? It's just that they wanted to make sure they were out if you have.

      Olive at the launderette asked after you! She hasn't seen you for a while and was worried that you might never get those stains out of your undies if you don't keep up with the routine she helped you with.

      Gotta go now Gimpy, my beautiful wife has just told me my dinner (steak tonight yum yum) is ready and my glass of red needs topping up. Chateuneuf Du Pape is one of my favourites gimpy. Sorry, not really a lager and glue chaser like you old boy!

      Probably catch you later once you have had time to think of a response. I can't wait - I bet it will be as good as the last one. You are just so funny gimpy. Keep it up now.

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      • sfart:mmmmmm....
        sfart:my wife is beautiful!mmmmmmmmm.....
        b.b:i know, mine too mmmmmmmmmmmm.....
        sfer:she says i am clever mmmmmmmmm.....
        b.b: oh you are and tasty too! mmmmmmmmm......
        sfart: your bum has the texture of the finest fillet steak mmmmmmmm......
        b.b: yours too!mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....
        sfart:the juices dripping from it taste of my favourite wine! mmmmmmmm....
        b.b:chateuneuf du pape? mmmmmmm.......
        sfar: mmmmmmmmmmmm......naturally......mmmmm...
        b.b; its safe here not talking football huh? mmmm...
        b.b: i hate it when i lose mmmmmmmmm.....
        sfart:me too! mmmmmm.......
        b.b: just ignore and sipp your wine chum mmmmmm.....
        sfart:i am! mmmmmmmm..............

    • Not to get too drawn in on this & to be perfectly honest I don't even know why I bother replying...But when will this vilification end?

    • oh dear slayer

      you really have a thing for sfer dont you?

      extra mayo plz!