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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Nov 15, 2008 17:58 Flag

    my apologies.


    To all users of this board i offer my sincere apologies, i apologise unreservedly for the ignorant and immature postings i have wriiten, i also apologise for any personal remarks made by me towards anybody on this board, that includes sfer and berlin, i believe this to be of no good whatsoever to anybody.
    I maintain i did not begin these posts and i replied only in keeping with what was directed my way.
    That however is of no matter, the whole thing is extremely stupid and i am unreservedly sorry i played a part in this affair.
    As adults we all should know better but as we all know, things get heated and stupid things are said which i for one do regret.
    I hope you all take this apology in the way it is meant, it IS sincere, i will NOT appear on this board again as fabongrass or ANY other identity.
    I wish you all well, i hope this board returns to its original state and i hope it stays solely on footballing matters whenceforth.I have learned that what can begin as footballing banter can quickly turn into something of a very different and personal nature.I am as much to blame as anybody else and i am certainly not proud of playing a part.
    sfer, berlin i do hope you take this apology in the way it is meant, we know nothing of each others lives and i am sure we all are pretty decent people in the real world, i apologise for any slur made by me on your characters,i wish you and your families no ill, i wish this sincerely.If i coud take back the things posted on this board by me, i would, unreservedly, i have been petty, stupid, ignorant and immature.
    i have a family which i love very much indeed and am feeling very much unworthy of them right now.

    yours sincerely.

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    • What was the cause of the Crimean War?
      Yours---this Alan.

      • 1 Reply to Alan H
      • LOL!

        Very funny you witty bugger! That did make me titter!

        The answer? I AM ashamed to say i have no blinkin idea and i,m not about to google it and make out i have.

        I,ll freely and ASHAMEDLY admit that when it comes to war and battles and history in general i know very little, it bores me senseless on the whole.

        I truly wish it didnt.

        Was Andy linighans grandad anything to do with it by chance?

        or..FECK... it was that bloke who looked similar to Steve Morrow in a former life was it not?

        Nah..... i,m guessing now.

    • Hmmm, i dont know.

      At first glance i would be of the same opinion as you with regards to Arsenal finding it a difficult year but Wenger is NO joke, wether you dislike the man or not he is a VERY intelligent guy with a proven track record and Arsenal is his club.

      Last season a section of his own fans were booing him,calling for his head and questioning everything he stands for.

      This season is a HUGE season for Wengers Arsenal and he will know that. It could be his last at the club if he fails to prove we are on the right track.

      So, with that in mind,do you believe Wenger would let two players go whom he thought were going to be major players in his scheme of things? I think not and i honestly believe and hope very much he (once again) proves himself to be a top class manager and we a top class team again.

      All the talk of lack of funds etc is just that, talk, Wenger has never spent big and we have some real talent in the wings anyhow and i mean class! Vela,Ramsey,Gibbs and Wilshere along with Eduardo fit again also Bendtner who was AWFUL for most of last season was markedly improving come the end of the season and Song looks a solid player too, Denilson who has been slagged off no end when you look at his stats is a bloody good player And AND Arshavin about to play his first real season.

      Like i say its a big season for Wenger but i believe he has things under control. I just hope it all goes the way he plans.

      I reckon we make one more signing if any at all and that will be us squad wise for the season.

    • Essex is sat back with his arms folded and a smile on his face.
      Could be interesting---H

    • No problem. On the very rare occassions that I have gone over to the dark side (and it was a while ago now) I made the point that I honestly thought that the Ar$e played som eof the best football in the PL. That doesn't mean I don't like a lot about the team and Wenger but credit where it is due. I didn't sl$g anybody off or say anything stupid (at least I think not) so hopefully if I ever feel the need I can go back with my head held high.

      I do honestly also beleive that you are going to have a rougher ride this year than last. Losing Ady and Tourre has gotta hurt!

    • Thats all fair enough Swerve and i appreciate you taking time to write it.

      I couldnt give a monkeys what people refer to me as personally, i only hope they note i never BEGIN conversing that way with others myself and that if they do feel the need to call me or anyone else "scum" or whatever, then they are not too offended/surprised when they are replied to in a similar manner.

    • I agree with most of that Fab and we should all be able to take a bit of banter. The only thing is, and I think this is where it all goes wrong, is some posters cannot understand why a supporter of another club spends so much time on another teams board and also, some of them draw the line as far as what is acceptable or not a little higher than others.

      As I said, I have no problem with you or anybody else posting here as long as it is about football, makes a genuine point and if there is a bit of ribbing as well then all the better.

      If you are still referred to as scum that is a hangover from some of the comments you made in your previous life and something that I am afraid you will have to live with perhaps for a while if you want to post on the Spurs board. You wont hear it from me.

    • Sfer me and you fell out rather badly, well, me and 3 or 4 spurs posters to be honest and it got WELL out of hand and plain nasty.

      I apologised for my part and put an end to it.

      I HAVE kept away from this board since then as you well know as promised, it was MY choice.

      As far as i,m concerned i have EVERY right to post on this board and say what i wish, i consider getting personally insultive and threatening to be OUT OF ORDER however and on the whole its something i refrain from doing and have only EVER done so in reply to being spoken to in that way.

      The replies to Essex penned by me were meant in a light hearted manner, YES i take the pee out of Spurs but feck me Arsenal are not above a joke being aimed at them right now, its called banter, banter by its very definition is NOT nasty, it is meant to be AMUSING, i,m not above taking the pee out of myself too as my posts would prove and I dont wade in here calling you "scum" and "simple" do i?

      I just wish you lot would take it as its meant and give it back in the SAME tone.

      I have no problem with football fans just because they follow another club, far from it, its only a poxy game which in the grand scheme of things holds bugger all importance to me and it shouldnt anybody else i believe.

      Me and Mike used to hurl insults at each other but now, even though we still cross swords, we refrain from getting personally insultive, he is a proud Spurs man and me a proud Arsenal fan and that is to be understood.We keep it football.

      All i,m saying is, I DONT MEAN ANY HARM when i take the micky and FULLY expect it back, what i wont have and what i would not expect anyone else to take off me is threats or personal insults, when those are thrown around all that comes of it is more of the same thrown back and life is too short for such stupidity.

      I may well continue to "take the mick" its my perogative and as far as i,m concerned as long as i dont over step the line then i,m doing absolutely nothing wrong.

      As some posters have pointed out (including Spurs), the boards NEED a degree of "banter" otherwise they are as dull as dishwater.

      I hope i,m understood.

      I hold NO grudges, that would be pathetic.

    • I am sure that at the time I did apologise for my part in all that stupid stuff that got way out of hand but I don't have time to trawl back through posts from months ago so just in case - I am very sorry for getting wound up enough to become an idiot and post comments that I am ashamed of.

      I think "north" was trying to say that he thought it was getting back to being slightly silly AGAIN and by reminding us all that we had dome this before and regretted it we would get back to talking football with a bit of light banter on the side.

      Anyway, I for one will not be getting so wound up again. All Ar$e supporters are welcome to post sensible posts on here as far as I am concerned along with a bit of ribbing. Personally I don't bother to go on to their board and do the same as I can't be bothered but if thats what they want to do over here then so be it. I can ignore it or respond if it is worth it or funny enough.

      Now...........can we get back to football PLEASE!!!!

    • How could i forget? I consider it something to be proud of, a sincere apology for my part.

      I also remember only Wolfie went any way to apologising for his part and for that he has my respect.

      You lot want to lighten up.

      I replied to an invitation, one in which i was referred to as "scum" so take a look at yourselves.

      Oh and i also remember THIS, funny how you managed to ignore it.


    • Point well made "North"

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