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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Nov 19, 2008 18:13 Flag

    Who makes these decisions?????

    In fairness, Hans came with Ramos, it's no surprise they want him to leave with him too... I don't know anything about him (I'm afraid goalie coaches aren't my speciality) but it's not necessarily a bad thing; he's not exactly worked wonders with Robbo, Gomes or Cesar, and Redknapp wants his backbone of a British coaching team, it's logical really.

    We don't seem to have done very well with goalkeeping coaches in the last few years, I'd quite like to see us poach the Portsmouth one (I don't really like watching a new manager go back and pillage his old club, but he's worked wonders with James and it's worth a poke).

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    • Hi n-b-r....... I'm a bit surprised that Pat Jennings isn't involved. I think Ray Clements is elsewhere but I'm not 100% certain. He always seemed to do a good job.
      Like you I don't like the idea of pillaging from former clubs but, if Diarra and Defoe or especially that left beck Belhadj or whatever his name is, came I think I'd be happy. maybe even Distin, he's making sounds that he doesn't want to stay. What do you think to them?

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      • I think Distin's finshing for a move to us, can't say I blame him ;)

        According to Wikipedia "Following his retirement Jennings has worked as a goalkeeping coach. He has worked at Tottenham in this capacity since 1993.", which rings a bell, but he's definitely not been a FT/lead coach for us...

        I want Defoe back, but I don't think he counts - he's got lilywhite blood. I was chatting to my brother before Redknapp came to us (he works in sports publishing, they do a lot of Spurs books including a recent player-by-player one) and he reckons JD's Spurs through and through & was always gonna come back at the first opportunity. He claims it's insider info but I think it's just his opinion, either way I think he'd jump at the chance.

        Diarra, I don't like the idea of him coming, but I can't put my finger on why. The ex-Arsenal thing maybe? Don't think I'm picky enough to hold 7 games against him... Dunno, wouldn't be too bothered either way with him though.

      • Not the Belhadj fella...don't like his defending one bit (scored a nice goal the other week though)...probably not Distin either now (I was for him last year but he seems to have slowed considerably).

        Diarra would be nice, but I think Citeh are gonna get him.