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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 19, 2008 19:04 Flag

    Who makes these decisions?????

    Hi n-b-r....... I'm a bit surprised that Pat Jennings isn't involved. I think Ray Clements is elsewhere but I'm not 100% certain. He always seemed to do a good job.
    Like you I don't like the idea of pillaging from former clubs but, if Diarra and Defoe or especially that left beck Belhadj or whatever his name is, came I think I'd be happy. maybe even Distin, he's making sounds that he doesn't want to stay. What do you think to them?

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    • I think Distin's finshing for a move to us, can't say I blame him ;)

      According to Wikipedia "Following his retirement Jennings has worked as a goalkeeping coach. He has worked at Tottenham in this capacity since 1993.", which rings a bell, but he's definitely not been a FT/lead coach for us...

      I want Defoe back, but I don't think he counts - he's got lilywhite blood. I was chatting to my brother before Redknapp came to us (he works in sports publishing, they do a lot of Spurs books including a recent player-by-player one) and he reckons JD's Spurs through and through & was always gonna come back at the first opportunity. He claims it's insider info but I think it's just his opinion, either way I think he'd jump at the chance.

      Diarra, I don't like the idea of him coming, but I can't put my finger on why. The ex-Arsenal thing maybe? Don't think I'm picky enough to hold 7 games against him... Dunno, wouldn't be too bothered either way with him though.

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      • Thanks for the replies.
        Tend to agree on the Distin thing, but I remember Bobby Moore, he was never quick but what a brain! Not saying Distin is THAT good but he has a good footballing head.
        Defoe is Spurs through and through I think too.
        The Diarra thing is just we tried (paper talk) for him last summer. Not overly worried he ex-gooner, anymore than Bentley really.
        I would much prefer to see Ireland from Citeh, not sure he would want to leave though. Not with the financial potential there.

    • Not the Belhadj fella...don't like his defending one bit (scored a nice goal the other week though)...probably not Distin either now (I was for him last year but he seems to have slowed considerably).

      Diarra would be nice, but I think Citeh are gonna get him.