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    Things I hate about the club

    Evening gents. I look into this forum every now and then and have finally decided to get myself an account so I can vent my anger!

    As a long time supporter, it boils my blood to see our club become the B*TCHES of London.

    1. For a start, what's with that emblem? Am I the only one who thinks it makes us look gay? Get rid of the stuck up cockerel! I want to see a lion there.

    2. To dare is to don't! We need to change the F***ING motto. What sort of creepy motto is that, I ask you. Play us if you dare sounds much better.

    3. Yids, they need to pump some serious money in or p*ss off to another club. We need a quality manager with at least 7 quality players. I see Harry as a half measure to stop the rot. The best we will do with him is 7th or 8th which is not good enough.

    I know a lot of you youngsters these days are gay and don't have clue about football or the origins of our club, and are probably happy with a mediocre mid table place, but I'm not! I'm thinking about forming an action group to get this club back on the rails. You're either with us or against us.

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    • You dont know a thing about Spurs do you matey. Change the club emblem ??? Old Harry Hotspurs would stick you with his lance in your sleep me ole flower....... Tell you what. Why dont we just forget about Bruce castle as well and play in flowery board shorts on a beach and call ourselves the ex lilly white board wasters. That way all ties with the Lane would be well and truely gone and we could have an ice cream at half time..... Our Arry is a bloody good manager and he will prove it given time and money. As for your action group............. i shudder to think of the sort of freaky action your after.....you should hang around the Emirates more often, they would like you there. Bye bye matey..