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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 23, 2008 02:21 Flag

    fergie wants campbell back?

    i agree with everything lts and mike said....we got screwed over the berba deal.....fergie wanted berba bad and we had the whiphand....levy should have held out for campbell to be a spurs player....if fergie didn't agree he would have lost berba....but levy caved in....now we are blooding him and SAF gets a finished player back ,or maybe £7m
    ......and he calls himself a business man....

    • Agree this is Fergie trying to unsettle both us and Campbell. Would he be saying the same thing if Campbell hadn't played a blinder in his last couple of games or scored for the England U21s this week? Doubt it.

      If he does go back it should be to play instead of Berbasulk - he's certainly not been playing as well for them as he did for us last season has he? Hahaha!

      And yes Derek, you're right - we were right royally screwed over the sulking one's deal. Levy should have either insisted on Campbell being sold to us or not signed the deal at all. Then if Berba had refused to play he should have consigned him to the reserves and docked his wages for breach of contract.

      Sadly, hindsight is a wonderful thing but Levy is doubtless not bothered having got the money he held out for. Still, every cloud has a silver lining - at least Comolli has gone :-))))