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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Nov 26, 2008 23:27 Flag

    UEFA Cup Tie

    Whoops...forgot...here's the squad that's travelling

    Spurs (from): Gomes, Cesar, Bale, Gunter, Dawson, Assou-Ekotto, Woodgate, Zokora, Bentley, Huddlestone, Jenas, Gilberto, O'Hara, Bostock, Smith, Kasim, Obika, Mason, Lennon, Bent, Campbell.

    I hold my hand up and say, I kow nothing of Kasim, Obika and Mason and only a little about Smith...anyone have imput?

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    • Hi Rambro.... I think Woodgate is being rested too according to Harry on Skysportsnews. Like you I've seen barely Smith play, in one game only.
      Seems as though "Butterfingers" will be behind a load of kids led by Dawson in defence. Midfield and attack should be strong though, so I'm going for a high scoring game.
      According to Gomes, NEC will play 4-3-3. Just hope we get more than them...COYS!!! Should be worth watching.

    • The back 4 should be ok, from Bale, Gunter (who should defo be starting more games) Dawson, Assou-Ekotto and Gilberto (God no!). Its about time Jenas was dropped imo. Bostock to play at least 60 minutes, lets see what he's really about. Taarabt and Peckhart should be in there as well, give 'em a run out, let them show off to the manager.

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      • Hi Big G..Sorry to contradict you but I read somewhere that Bale is suspended and Gilberto injured for reserves against Stoke. Taarabt not registered and Peckhart is still on loan I think. Woodgate and King rested? Back four Gunter/Smith, Dawson, Zokora/Huddlestone, O'Hara/Gunter???? I hope Harry knows because I don't have any idea who it will be!!!!!COYS

      • Sure I agree with Gunter starting more often too. Seems like he'll get his chance now Hutton out for a few months.

      • Nice one Big G...but LYS tells the truth. Players that Ramos didn't feel worthy of being included in the squad at the beginning of the season were not given a squad number and were not registered to play in Europe (apparently a requirement). So your inured players and your KPB's and Adel T's and Ghaly's (I'm sure there's a rap lyric in there somewhere) cast aside and probably only to be seen on pay day to pick up their cheques (probably got direct deposit, so, not even then).

        I'm not sure what the deal is with Peckharts loan, I would have thought he would've been rreeled back in (especially when Roman's ankle was a bother, and the fact that he's cup-tied in Europe)...with the transfer window approaching, and SAF making overtures to taking Farier Campbell back in the New Year, it'll be interesting to see what moves Harry will make at that time.

        I think our back line will be Gunter on the right, Assou-Ekotto on the left, Zokora and Dawson as centre-backs and Hudds playing just infront of them and O'Hara and Jenas linking in front of him, Bentley and Lennon on the wings with Bent up front.
        Campbell comes on at the 60 min mark (for Bent, if we're up, or for Lennon/Bentley if we're not) and if we're really cruising then expect to see Bostock on for Jenas.

        That all goes out the window if there are any injuries of course.