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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 30, 2008 17:33 Flag

    Transfer News - Spurs want Gallas..

    Morning Mike.. Mirror says it will not trouble Harry to get Gallas,but it would certainly trouble me and most Spurs fans I would think!!
    Can't compare it to Sol's desertion though.
    Harry might see something in him that he thinks our team needs, but I'm with you and think he'll cause too much disruption. We have only just got back to having any team spirit after JR's unsettling spell at the club. (Re. Woodgate and Bentley outbursts to press.) Perhaps Harry feels he can cajole Gallas into being a model professional, but I'm still not 100% sure of his ability. Agbongalahor's goal for Villa gives me cause for doubt for a start.
    Anyway what's the team to stick it to the Toffees today. Whoever it is I hope they start playing from the first whistle and not wait to go 2 down like last year!!!

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    • Morning Longtime,

      I think all the hype surrounding transfers will go on for some time to come - right up to the 31st of January.

      It is more then likely we'll be linked with this player & that player and our players will inevitably be linked with transfers to other clubs - that's the fun of the transfer merry-go-round.

      I just hope that the Gallas one doesn't come true - but it is the Sunday Mirror that the story has appeared in, so we don't need to panic just yet!

      Anyway onto the Everton game - we used to have a very good record against the Toffees at WHL & at Goodison, but lately we just can't seem to do well enough against them ( in fact we have lost our last 2 home games against them ).

      It is one of the fixtures that I really don't look forward to seeing us play in through-out the season - we always seem to approach the game with apprehension or fear that we would lose if we go a goal or 2 down against them.

      Hopefully that won't happen today and we'll play out of our skins to get a result.

      Verdict: Spurs to nick it 2-1..