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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 30, 2008 21:16 Flag

    Transfer News - Spurs want Gallas..

    Lets hope you're right today. Don't mind the score as long as it is a WIN!!!!! Would be nice for old butterfingers to keep another clean sheet though, good for his confidence rebuild.

    • No such luck on the clean sheet...or the win...that's at least 3 seasons on the trot we've dropped all points at home to the Toffee noses! What the eff is up with us when it comes to them? So we still sit in a compromising position when we could've at least made our position look a bit better (it won't actually be better til we're sitting where Everton are now).

      ...and to top it off...the goons won...cue the red dogs re-entry to our message board!