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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Dec 1, 2008 22:04 Flag

    What do you think of...


    I can't decide - I thought he was great at first, then a bit indifferent, now I can't work out what quality I think he is.

    IMO he's really useful and versatile, and on his day pretty good... probably not great, but someone I'd like to stay at the club for a while... I think. The good thing is that when he makes mistakes they're rarely match-changing, just little slip ups. I wish he still did those amazing little runs he used to (when he first joined us), at times I think they'd be really useful for breaking down the opposition. I remember him getting forward quite a lot before, he doesn't seem to all that often now.


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    • Alas, no such fun for blondy, I've got a cough which kept waking me up all night (and a project I've been working on won some big awards last night, so every time I woke up I remembered that and got really excited and couldn't sleep!).

      Berlinspur... sounding like you've had some advice from and Essexspur dad there! ;)

    • Oi Soppy.. don't think your team could afford your air fare at the moment!!!!

    • Actually n_b I've always thought Zokora is a good player, just maybe a tad underrated/not played as often as he should be, which may account for his somewhat erratic form of late. Along with Chimbonda and Malbranque (neither of whom we should have sold!) I thought he worked well in the midfield.

      Maybe he's a trifle hot-headed, but he seems to do OK when he gets a start. Perhaps it's a confidence thing if he's not getting regular starts, so maybe 'Arry wil change that.

    • Zokora? my knock on him, even when he was making those amazing pitch length runs was, he always seemed to have it in his head that he was going to draw a foul...to the point where in his early days with us he used to simulate (dive) quite a bit (even got us a penalty once on a phantom foul). Apparently he was told to give the diving a rest, and for the most part he has, so now when he makes runs they're just aimless.

      The Good: Energetic, willing, versatile, good engine 9will run all day long if need be)

      The Bad: Not a match winner, not creative, versatile (jack of all trades are never masters at anything are they).

      Is he the player to help us to the next level - No!
      Do we need players like that in the squad - Hell Yes!

    • Nah!!! Not impressed with him now, hasn't fufilled the potential and hype that came with him. Was likened to Essien, nowhere near his calibre.
      When he first came he was getting top billing, he showed a lot of promise, but that's as far as he's got IMO. Doesn't seem to be able to take the next step up. Shame because he works hard and has bags of energy, just seems to lack that finesse to set him apart from so many other players of his type.

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      • You both seem to have hit the nail on the head nicely.
        n_b_r says he is useful and versatile - agreed. He can play in various positions and always tries hard. Any team would like to have a few like that.
        l_t_s also sums him up nicely IMO - overhyped and never lived up to jhs potential!
        After the world cup I thought we were getting a world class midfielder. That never materialised did it? Instead we got an average battler.......Tanio, Ghally etc. Always usefull but not gonna set the league alight.
        Im still waiting for Spurs to unearth or buy another Roy Keane, Viera, Pyrlo type maestro........Zokora aint it!