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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 1, 2008 23:00 Flag

    What do you think of...

    You both seem to have hit the nail on the head nicely.
    n_b_r says he is useful and versatile - agreed. He can play in various positions and always tries hard. Any team would like to have a few like that.
    l_t_s also sums him up nicely IMO - overhyped and never lived up to jhs potential!
    After the world cup I thought we were getting a world class midfielder. That never materialised did it? Instead we got an average battler.......Tanio, Ghally etc. Always usefull but not gonna set the league alight.
    Im still waiting for Spurs to unearth or buy another Roy Keane, Viera, Pyrlo type maestro........Zokora aint it!

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    • Hi EY...
      KPB has the aggression, all he needs is the talent!!!!

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      • never been a big zokora fan, has bags of energy but not ability, he has had a few good games, but not consistent enough imo, kpb, does have the skill though, saw him a couple of times for hertha, and was very impressed with him, so i was excited when he joined us, don't know what's happened to him though, perhaps he got big headed over the transfer and thought the epl was similar to the bundesliga, big mistake, but i think he will come good, maybe needs a season extra to adjust.

        something has definitely got to be done with bale, he's looking pisspoor at the moment ;-)