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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Dec 3, 2008 00:04 Flag

    What do you think of...

    Zokora? my knock on him, even when he was making those amazing pitch length runs was, he always seemed to have it in his head that he was going to draw a foul...to the point where in his early days with us he used to simulate (dive) quite a bit (even got us a penalty once on a phantom foul). Apparently he was told to give the diving a rest, and for the most part he has, so now when he makes runs they're just aimless.

    The Good: Energetic, willing, versatile, good engine 9will run all day long if need be)

    The Bad: Not a match winner, not creative, versatile (jack of all trades are never masters at anything are they).

    Is he the player to help us to the next level - No!
    Do we need players like that in the squad - Hell Yes!