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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 3, 2008 23:22 Flag

    Watford.. What do we know about them?


    So what is known of tonights opponants?

    We know they're a Championship side playing at Vicarage Road are about 20 miles up the road and were once owned by Elton John but not being someone who studies Championship football very often, I don't even know who they are managed by after Adie Boothroyd left..

    Oh!.... and I think we'll win 3-1 ( not that I know anything about tonights opposition ).


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    • They've got the 'club in turmoil' tag at the moment, I think they've only had their current manager a week or two (I've just checked on Wikipedia and it's Brenden Rogers, he's been there since 24th Nov), and their chairman quit a few days ago, their future (as a business, not in football terms) is looking really uncertain and rocky at the moment... hopefully that'll be felt in their play tonight.

      They're currently hovering just above the relegation zone and deservedly so, it's all a bit grim for them atm. HOWEVER, we're also currently hovering just above the relegation zone, and - depending on who you ask - it's also deservedly so. Ordinarily I would think the result'd be a given, but as I remember they gave us a little run for our money when we played them in the PL and we only got a draw away. Also, given their current status you have no idea which of their teams (the one languishing at the bottom of the league or the one with a fighting spirit who wants to prove itself to it's new manager) will show up, and you never have any idea which Spurs side'll turn up.

      All in all, it has the potential to be pretty tasty, and was my favourite choice for the draw, but I have a sinking feeling it could be a pretty dull, scrappy match.