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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Dec 4, 2008 22:14 Flag

    Now there really is only one Kean-o

    Not sure what to think about a manager walking out on the job...guess he knew he'd get the axe and didn't want to give them the pleasure (probably a lot of backroom stuff going on up there)

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    • Selling Steed was a mistake - he was far more industrious than Bentley (despite the wonder goal v the Gooners) and was defo the was the best of those we sold to Sunderland and is sorely missed imo.

    • I was really disappointed to hear about this, I thought he had more bottle. Ultimately he's done well at Sunderland and to do a runner as soon as he goes through a bad patch... well, it's pathetic isn't it.

      Still, I'm sure Harry'll be one of the the first vultures circling the mackem carcass - Do we still have the Need for Steed?

    • Perhaps he just didnt fancy the humiliation of facing his old boss SAF this weekend!!
      We all remember him walking out on his country before a world cup over.......well it was that pathetic I cant even remember!
      Future ManU manager? I dont think so on that showing.........more proof that former great players do not make great managers (Robson, Keegan, Hoddle, Barnes, Dalgliesh, Gullit, Ardiles...this list goes on)

      It might sound like I dont like Keane but I rated him as an awsome player and remember the day he turned out against us at the Lane for Forest when he was a kid. He had nutjob written all over him that day and I wished he'd been a Spurs player I recall!