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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 6, 2008 00:38 Flag

    Spurs against West Ham - Prediction.

    Thanks Benidorm,

    I hope so too. I was at the 4-3 game a few years back, and I still remember thinking s**t we're 3-2 down in the 89th minute and Berbatov scored that amazing free-kick to level the score.

    And when Stalteri scored to make it 4-3, I was in dreamland... Just hope the same happens on Monday night.

    I think the Happy Hammers will be seeking revenge on us for that result and the 4-0 stuffing they got at WHL last season.

    I guess the lasagne incident has been well and truly forgotten about now!

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    • dead jealous u were at the 4-3 game i only saw it on telly and was sulking till berba popped up witht that free kick. i think it will b a tough one would like to see them play 4-5-1 if modric is fit. he never seems to run out of energy and i think we have missed that a bit in the last 2 or 3 games.