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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 6, 2008 18:39 Flag

    Spurs against West Ham - Prediction.

    morning all..
    Tomorrows team, my thoughts are. For 4-4-2
    If we play Bale, play him LM not LB. He still has a lot to learn about defending. LB should be EA and if not Bale play O'Hara as LM. Corluka, Woodgate and King the rest of the back four.
    If Modric is fit, fine, if not Bent and Pav up front.Lennon, Hudd, Zokora (if Bale), Jenas (if O'Hara).
    I presume butterfingers will be in goal. Lets hope he gloves are more sticky this time..

    Now let's imagine a different system. 3-5-2
    Corluka, Woodgate and King.
    Lennon,Modric, Hudd, O'Hara, Bale.
    Pav and Bent
    The reason I think this formation might work against the Hammers is they don't use wingmen as such. We should be able to dominate midfield, and have Lennon and Bale as wide receivers to Hudd With Pav and Bent pulling the 2 CBs around to creat the space for Modric and O'Hara to run into.
    Just my opinion, any thoughts from you Yids?