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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Dec 9, 2008 09:30 Flag

    Lastly...Captain King

    Heard Harry's honest assessment of Ledders' condition and I have to say the prognosis doesn't sound too good at all. He can't train...he shows up on game day and says he can go...or not. Knee swells up at the drop of a hat...I hate to say it, but it looks like the writings on the wall for our skipper.

    How long has King been with us...has he made his testimonial amount yet (if not, is that what he's hangin' on for?).

    I think the valiant thing to do would be to just retire or at least take yourself out the frame, take another position with the club and rest that knee totally. If he's up to playing in a couple of seasons, go to a lower league side and ply your trade and extend your experience with the young up and comings (while getting your coaching licenses).

    I know it sounds harsh...he scored a great goal today, but damn if he's not unsettling the team.

    Last option is, would another surgery help?

    I don't know...I'm just sort of riffing to myself.

    If we go for a centre back in January then I think Ledley's mind would have been made up for him (but who's out there that's decent and available?)

    More questions than answers...

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    • I cant say that I agree at all, the fact that he has this condition which doesn't seem will ever go away but the guy still wants to be on the field whenever he can just shows how much of a spurs boy he is through and through. He is a role model to all the younger players at the club (bar the odd drunken night!) as hes such a professional. No matter how many games he plays a season he still has to be there because as no doubt about it he is by far our best defender and player. A fit ledley would have the world at his feet and I really believe would be up there with the best in the world as the guy is so reliable when fit.

      I for one am dreading the day that he does hang up his boots as i think I may actually break down in tears with sadness as I love the guy!

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      • I'd not heard the stuff about him not training, that seems odd as he's got some good link-up play - he's obviously worked tactically if not physically (e.g. hanging around up field for the 5 mins or so before his goal).

        I'm inclined to agree with Anthony I think, he's there cos he loves the club and he really has the drive and passion to play, that's got to be a great example and unifier for the team. He had a great game last night, and has had a few times since injury. I forget who it was who commented on Dawson, but the last couple of times he's played he's had pretty good games, some clever tackling etc... I think (I think...) I'm quite happy having King & Woody as first choice CBs, with Dawson and Corluka as cover.

        King seems in good form at the moment, I don't know what the behind the scenes situation is but if he's happy to carry on like this (on this sort of 'ad hoc' basis) and Redknapp's happy, then I'm happy.

    • Hi Rambro.. Can't say I would be pleased to see Ledley stop playing, although I can understand your point about unsettling the team. IMO he is surely the best CB we have, I like Woodgate too but I do think King is far superior.
      Can't say I'm much of a Dawson fan anymore. He was coming on really well until we had the problem with Robbo and his confidence. Ever since then I think Daws has lost his self belief too. If he can get his confidence back perhaps he'll make it back into the England squads in the future, he had the ability to get in them before.
      Until we can buy a new quality CB although, like you, I can't think who is available either, we need Ledley. Even if he can only play EPL games.

    • I tend to agree with you RAMBRO.
      I guess its such a difficult one to call because everytime Ledley plays he has a blinder and basically makes the difference (as was the case last night)
      Imagine a Spurs with a fully fit Ledley King....remember when he broke into the England team and they used him as a holding midfielder? Happy days.
      Im sure the old warhorse will be put out to pasture before long but personally I'm happy of he can keep making appearances for us and would allow that to continue as long as he and the boss want it to.