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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Dec 9, 2008 18:55 Flag

    Lastly...Captain King

    I'd not heard the stuff about him not training, that seems odd as he's got some good link-up play - he's obviously worked tactically if not physically (e.g. hanging around up field for the 5 mins or so before his goal).

    I'm inclined to agree with Anthony I think, he's there cos he loves the club and he really has the drive and passion to play, that's got to be a great example and unifier for the team. He had a great game last night, and has had a few times since injury. I forget who it was who commented on Dawson, but the last couple of times he's played he's had pretty good games, some clever tackling etc... I think (I think...) I'm quite happy having King & Woody as first choice CBs, with Dawson and Corluka as cover.

    King seems in good form at the moment, I don't know what the behind the scenes situation is but if he's happy to carry on like this (on this sort of 'ad hoc' basis) and Redknapp's happy, then I'm happy.

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    • Hi N_B_R..It was I (or me?) who said about Dawson. With what I have actually seen of his last couple of games have only been from TV highlights so restricted viewing. When he last played in a TV live game, can't remember who, I thought he was caught out of position and his distibution wasn't that great. Maybe the forwards aren't making the same type of runs that Berba and Keane used to. I don't know, just not 100% about him at present. Hope he does find his form again as he was a really good acquisition as a kid.