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  • McMullan McMullan Dec 10, 2008 15:35 Flag

    Dear old lovable 'Arry Redknapp

    Poor old love! Having a whinge the other day about how he was not allowed to keep the academy kids (Ferdinand et al) at the Boleyn and how Hammers will always have a soft spot in his heart.

    Now he's lining up a 16 mill bid for Green and Upson.

    Is he really that intent on sending us down?

    I tell yer one thing, if he shows up at Nathans Pie and Eel on the Barking Road I will certainly not be passing him the chili vinegar!

    Soppy has spoken


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    • lmfao @ dean windass

    • I told yer before (but no one listened) it's Bullard that you should be taking to the Lane.

      At least he would throw the game against his beloved Hammers (as usual).

    • Windass to the Lane!! That'd be brilliant - he's the very pinnacle of loyalty, determination and hardwork, and can you imagine him in Europe?!

      This is the launch of the official "Windass Lane" Campaign!

    • On the one hand we are being told (mainly by club sources) that Harry will only be looking at a few loans in January. On the other hand (mainly the hysterical press) we are in for Upson and Green (16 mil) Downing (12 mil), Glen Johnson (6mil) amongst others!
      My maths aint good but I dont expect us to pay anywhere near 30+ million in January so I'm going to ignore the press speculation (unless it involves Kaka, Messi or Dean Windass!)

    • That's nasty!!!

      No to Green, No to Upson (well, maybe Upson). Our Cavaliere Keeper seems to be behaving himself at the moment, so I say stick with him.

      Not only that, hasn't Harry been told that the purse strings have been pulled tight shut for this transfer window?

      As for passing the condiments to 'Arry...why not Soppy...he's a claret and blue legend inni?

    • I reckon pass it to him, but say in a jokey fashion "careful, I've spat in that after what you did to us", BUT say it with hard eyes, so even though his food'll be fine you'll ruin his dining experience with the question of whether or not he's eating your phlegm.

    • Yeh have em both, I was only kidding. They're not that great anyway, if they were Hammers wouldn't be in the top 4.

      Someone did me with the old 'top of the lid off' trick in a pie and mash shop in Romford years ago. It was the pepper though and by the time I'd mashed it in it tasted great!

      Cor! I really fancy pie and mash with loads of pepper now. But XiangMin is cooking spare ribs and there's not a 'Kelly's' for 6000 miles!



    • Morning Soppy.

      Its a dog eat dog world out there, as we Spurs fans know only too well.
      I for one would hate to see the Hammers go down. Unfortunately they seem to be in the position where a bid like that cannot be ignored.
      I have to say I'll be suprised if they do go down.

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      • would b a shame if the hammers dropped. i think i nearly said that with a straight face. the games r all ways good to see.

        but as for a bid on green , no chance dont rate him. not saying hes not a good keeper but i just dont fancy him for the lane thats all. upson is a great CB , but i think we might b ok there if ledders shows as much progress as he has this season. and we have dawson and corluka to cover there as well. with hutton or gunther to move into RB. wells thats what i think anyway.