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  • i love it when the big zok goes on a run, he puts his head down and goes for it. running through the space and looking magnificante . then u are right everyone he ballons it or passes to the other team.
    but if we play with one up front then i would have him in the team no worries. let hudds , jenas modric or whoever else is in midfield wonder and create and have zokora break up the play and sit infront of the back 4. i think his versativity is priceless to us and he isnt a premadona and doesnt cause fuss, just gets on with it and plays.

    so heres to u zokora gets us a goal and stick one to the mancs COYS

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    • ...you just imagine it like one of those cartoons with opposition bodies flying about in the air all over the place as he just puts his head down and runs...

      I like home too - apart from the initial diving - he seems like an 'honest - just go and do your best' type player.