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    Our record against the top 4

    It was often 'spat' at us during our 2 fifth place finishes that we were never good enough to take real points off the top 4 placed teams (the odd draw accepted).
    This season despite our atrocious start we have managed 2 very good away draws (chelsk and ar5e) and a (fortuitous) win (bin dippers).
    This weekend sees us complete the list with Utd and to be fair we have always given them a good game esp at the Lane (last season they nicked a point after getting played off the park IMO)
    So ...im not after scoreline predictions but..... anyone else quietly confident that we will acquit ourselves with honour or is it time for another blip before we continue the recovery?

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    • Not me mate...it wasn't too long ago that they thrashed us 4-1 or something at The Lane. Yes we did give them a good run last season, home and away, but there aren't many of those same players around this time.

      What's Harry's record against Manure?

      They seem to do pretty well against us at ours, so I'm hoping that Harry's got a few tricks up his sleeve and our boys come ready to do battle.

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      • oh yes i remember that 1-4 reverse Ram. Wish i had short term memory loss..... but then i wouldnt remember all those glorious recent results against the goons and winning trophies etc. hehe

        I'm afraid to say that unless Man Utd has a complete disaster they'll walk away with a result. They're due a good win as they've been a bit stuttery in the league. Theyve beaten Citeh away 0-1, sunderland 1-0, AV 0-0 and lost to the goons 2-1. At some point they're strikers are gonna start scoring again. Just hope they are delayed for one more week ;)

      • Especially if he scores an amazing goal against us?

        I'd like to think I would, I don't begrudge the way he left, obviously a bit disappointed by it but we always knew it was coming, so if he does good I'd like to be pleased for him... in theory...