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  • once again though john, we are the ones looking from the outside in, we don't know what is going on within the club.

    all we can hope to see now, is how badly comolli acted in his transfer dealings, and now we have just 'arry and levy deciding things it may become a whole lot clearer.

    with regard to the coming and goings, once again we don't know how different coaches view things, but in the end, it's us the fee paying customers that are given the short end all the time.

    it's a hard life supporting a club like spurs, but wtf! i've had it so long i don't know any different...................................COYS!!! ;-)

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    • Well if 'arry doesn't think the squad is up to it, then I bow to his superior footballing knowledge - in the same way I bowed to MJ's and WR's.
      I just hope we don't go through another 7-in, 7-out scenario and still be hoping in 2010 that 2012 will be our year, just in time to find that 'arry's retired (or ends up with WII wrist and a diminished brain or he gets sacked because we don't finish in the top 4 this season) and the new man 'doesn't think the squad is up to it'....

      Stability is all.....much as I hate to say it, but look at the South London club - stability behind a man who knows what he wants to do and achieve. A steady flow of young, new talent.