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  • dave dave Dec 16, 2008 19:22 Flag

    levy has to spend big or...

    i think this has been blown out of proportion, our 'arry has said we need other players, we all know that as well, so not really controversy there then, levy has said there's not a lot of money to spend in january, imo, he's trying to be astute here as well, we all know how the press put us in the frame for every tom dick and harry, and it puts prices up accordingly, so what levy is trying to do is play down the situation.

    i believe that levy will back 'arry in any transfer requests that he makes, also i can see some players leave in january in order to balance things up a little, so instread of hitting the doom switch, why not just wait and see what happens.

    once again, the press are trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill, and judging from things, succeeding! ;-)

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