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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Dec 18, 2008 20:58 Flag


    Hehe, Alfie, you stole Redknapp's joke about sticking Les up front! Mind you, at this rate it's not much of a joke...

    We're a bit buggered tonight, I'm pretty intrigued about seeing the team (why oh why oh why aren't we on telly?! Why won't Five show us this season?!) - I read somewhere that Campbell's got a similar injury to Jenas's, but not as bad, so he'll prob start but I can't imagine him being able to play a full match.

    They all talk about Arsenal's 'young guns', at this rate we'll be playing our -16s! Would like to watch though so I can get a idea of the 'Spurs of the future'...

    I was wondering about Keane too with that rule, I don't know all that much about technical rules like that but he's been linked with a return too many times for it to not have been thought about. I don't want him back, liars and cowards aren't welcome at the Lane.

    Tonight'll be a nice test for Dawson, how will he fare being the most senior member of a team he can't command a regular spot in? Go on Mickey, you can do it...

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