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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Dec 18, 2008 21:54 Flag

    exchange with liverpool....what do you think?

    Without reading the other posts here, I'll say this..."read between the lines" The opening of the piece says it all...and none of it said that Harry wanted shot of Lennon. All it says there is that Liverpool, and probably a dozen other clubs, wants Lennon.

    Harry enquires after a long-time target of his, they say give us Lennon and we'll throw in some cash...end of. The press then put their spin on it...hmmm...long time target...what Liverpool said...voila, a swap is on the map.

    Harry' not an idiot, and we aren't that desparate for money.

    Here's one for you...what if Ryan Babel was the L'pool player in the deal, and not Pennant? Any thoughts there?