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  • Old Fan Old Fan Dec 19, 2008 06:08 Flag

    What team tonight?

    The first goal was a disaster - get rid of Gilberto! And the second should never have happened, but overall I thought we played reasonably well. We had all of the possession (seemed to me that we must have had at least 60% if not more), seemed a couple of paces quicker, defense was a little shaky - but it was patchwork. I thought Gunter had a good game, hats off to Zokora (apart from the clanger) as he's been playing everywhere of late and really has shown his versatility and sense of doing what's necessary for the team, What we really missed was a striker - we made the chances (although Bentley's crosses sure have been leaving a lot to be desired lately), but we did not take advantage of them. We could have had at least one penalty (the Campbell take down). So a patchwork team made a great comeback to beat an average team.