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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 19, 2008 19:12 Flag

    some nice words from martin jol for spurs fans

    I, for one, cannot disagree with his reasoning or his assessment of our Ledley. I've been following Spurs along time and struggle to think of a more complete CB. Maurice Norman was a converted RB who commanded the penalty area, didn't have King's pace or two feet. Mike England was dominant in the air and could tackle but I don't remember him making 30-40 yards forays with the ball as Ledley does. He wasn't the quickest either. Any more suggestions???
    The fans at the Lane had an empathy with MJ, he was a gentleman and a good leader. Sometimes he made tactical errors of judgement, but he isn't the only one to do that. I liked him as our manager and, if he had been given similar funding to JR and the same playing field as HR, I think he could have taken us further. Who knows?
    Que Sera Sera!