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  • Happy New Year to all on this Spurs site.
    Why are we being linked to Downing again? He didn't appear to be overly enthusiastic last time we made an approach. Also what is the matter with using Gareth Bale as a left midfielder for now, his defending is suspect but he has a really sweet left foot and can deliver good crosses at pace and dead ball situations. That would then free up the £15m that's being being quoted for Downing to buy a much needed striker. Even Jermaine Defoe at £10m would then not be too much to pay especially as another striker is more necessary.
    Harry says he will not pay inflated prices for players but, having already paid £9m for Defoe at Pompey, it seems he's now willing to pay £15m for Downing??????? IMO that's inflated. Is he worth that sort of money??

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    • I would'nt pay any more than about 7 million pounds for Downing. He's hardly consistent is 'e!!.My biggest question about this move is that does this open the door for O'hara to leave? I think O'hara shows the true grit/determination/steel in the midfield.

      And the other puzzler is that if Downing comes on board it'll Bentley and Lennon are fighting over the right wing? Will Lennon go? At the moment i'd rather have Lennon than Bentley. Bentley hasnt turned up yet

    • Good morning to you all. Hope you had a great Christmas!!
      Again I find it amazing that these things are obvious to us but not to the Spurs management! What is that they think they know that we don't ?
      Downing is a good player but better certainly no better than putting Bale on the left wing!!

      My opinion is that we are going to get short-changed in January because we're going to struggle to get top-class players to come here.Harry's going to have to make it worth their while coming to the Lane so even if he doesn't want to pay inflated fees he's gonna have to pay top wages.

    • Why Downing? - Becasue he 's a natural left-footed left winger...and Lennon is a better right winger than Bentley will ever be (at least juding by the form of both at the moment). $15mil...is way too much though, so I wouldn't expect him to come to the Lane any time soon, especially with Harry's economic outlook). That said, while Downing wont ever set the football world alight, he will provide balance to the midfield...teams wont be able to "cheat" (overload defensively) to one side, knowing that no threat whatsoever would be coming from the other side.

      If it means showing the Bentley the door for a loss, then I'm all for it (but not a loss AND 15 mil).

      We are in dire need of a striker (or two), and Defoe doesn't look to be making a return (asking price too high...just how much does Harry have to spend, I wonder?).

      Something tells me we're going to get the short end of the stick come January...and I've been sating all along this season (including when JR was here) that we need to concentrate on wins in the league...trophies are nice, but we go into the toilet if we go down!

    • Have to agree with you Longtime - if Harry doesn't want to pay over the odds for a much-needed striker then it defies logic to think of splashing out even more for a not-needed midfielder.

      Downing is defo not worth £15m. Even Bentley was overpriced and we should learn our lesson from that.

      The opening day of the transfer window will be an interesting one methinks.