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    • Lionel Messi should be the first buy, followed by David Villa and Marco Senna......Gomez is a class keeper when he finally gets control of his confidence AND his 6 yard box!!!! Bent is a total waste of time and money.....13 goals in 46 games shows this twat is not a Prem League player, he should be in the Chumpions division!!! Goofy King can go too for all i care...he doesnt play enough games and is just unsettling the defence with this play when he feels like it bollox!!!

    • Buy? whoever mists a mirror when put under their nose...can't be worse than the ne'er-do-wells that we currently have.

      OK, but seriously...if you want to see Bent or Pavlyuchenko get infinitely better instantly, then get Emile Heskey in to win balls hold up the play and lay balls off for either one of them. We're so dead set on getting a scoring striker we're missing the point...our strikers generally score if they get the ball where they want it.

      (Stop laughing you lot...and read on)

      Modric, as good on the ball as he is, just doesn't seem to be getting it (the ball) to the right spots...Some of this I blame on him being knocked off balance when delivering the final ball (he IS small and easily knocked off balance).

      Some people will clamour for Zaki...he's a strong lad and can hold the ball up...and score...but he ain't coming to us

      We definitely don't need Owen, he'll be in the same boat as the other two (unless we buy both Owen and Heskey and be shot of Bent and Pav...problem there is, we'd be pissing money away for short term players (both are free-agents soon and probably won't commit to long term contracts before free-agency happens for them).

      So, who else? We need a defensive mid-fielder with bite and vision (sounds like 20 mil right there! Which means if there was one available, Man City would get him!)

      I guess all we can hope for is to pick up currently unhappy, but good players who are disgruntled because of their lack of playing opportunities...so we should scour the top leagues for players of this type. Ones that just want away, as I doubt that there are any that are dying to come to Spurs (they weren't in the pre-season window, so why would they be now?

      (I've severley truncated this post...lucky you!)

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      • Evening to you Rambr0.

        It's always going to be the case that we're linked with every Tom, Dick or Harry who wants away from their current club (either here or abroad) - the summer transfer window springs immediately to mind with all that press speculation which came to nothing.

        Absolute imperatives surely have to be a keeper, defender and striker - and while I agree we need a natural left-sided midfielder it's not essential given those we have in the midfield. It's been mentioned before that Bale could fill that gap - give him a chance 'Arry. We certainly don't want to be paying millions for Downing that's for sure.

        Unfortunately with the money pouring into Citeh from the Middle East they'll just do an Abramovich and outbid everyone for key players and the selling clubs will gladly take it. However, that doesn't always make for good transfers - players surely have to want to move to the buying club don't they?

        I've heard that Defoe wants to come back to Spurs, but given the silly figures being bandied in the press about for him 'Arry (and Levy) won't pay an inflated price. In my view he should never have been sold in the first place but hindsight is a wonderful thing - wonder if Levy views it that way!

        'Arry has always been a shrewd operator - look at what he did for Pompey with careful (and inexpensive) spending or good loan deals. I think he'll show what he's capable of this window and hopefully it'll help turn our season around.

    • I see a link to a Spurs £30m bid for Crouch, Defoe and Johnson.
      Surely Defoe cannot be bought until after a year, he was originally on loan and didn't actually transfer till Feb, I think.
      We have Hutton, Corluka and Gunter, all three international full-backs, why Johnson. Though Harry doesn't appear to like Gunter, hardly plays him, prefers Zokora when Corluka moves inside. Must question why????
      Loads of others linked to us, Owen for a start, if he could stay fit he would be a real asset 1 goal every 2 games. Would prefer him to the bean pole, we have Pav and Bent, though I am not a fan of Bent. Get shot of him and have Crouch?
      Our biggest problem is our league position, who of any quality wants to join a relegation scrap. Any thoughts?