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  • McMullan McMullan Jan 5, 2009 17:05 Flag

    Derisory bid for Downing!!!!

    11 million for a player who's team is in relegation trouble and who most would agree is a tad over rated!

    'Derisory,' I wish someone would put in a cheeky 1 million bid for me.

    World's gone bloody mad i tells yer!

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    • Evening all........ Downing for £10m, derisory???
      Seems to me that Keith Lamb has learnt from Levy, re the transfer of Berbatov to Manu, and is holding out for all he can get!
      I for one hope that we don't pay over the odds for him.
      IMO we could still use Bale as attacking wing-back with A-E or O'hara as LB cover for now!
      Why doesn't Harry try this instead of using that waster of a show-off, Bentley?
      That pot of money could then be used to purchase another LB, far less expensive than a forward and the rest for funding squad strenghtening in other arrears.

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      • I've gotta agrere with you long time re: Bentley. After watching the Wigan game I was amazed at the number of crosses he cocked up for someone who is touted as a "winger" (if there is such a position anymore), and let's face it, I think my granma could beat him over any distance from 20-100 yards ... and she passed away several years ago ... let's face it, he's slow! And I really haven't seen him do anything of worth (other than that great goal) for several games. He does have 2-3 moments of flash verging on brilliance, but the game is 90 minutes, and I'm not sure he's worth the 2-4 minutes of worth he brings to the game in exchange for all of the balls he makes a mess of.

    • obviously soppy we should have offered them 50million+modric+lennon+bent lmao