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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Jan 26, 2009 19:18 Flag

    Getting Chimbonda back!

    Morning Mark, and welcome.

    I'm glad you said all that, because I agree; Corluka can play FB or CB, and the rumours suggest paying about £3m for Chimbonda which is cheaper than we'd get a CB for who's as consistent as Chim is at FB (does that make sense? It did in my head...).

    For what it's worth, I like Chimbonda, I think he's pretty good and I don't think he particularly wanted to leave either. Yes he's a mercenary, but at least he's admitted it, and I think he's figured a club like Spurs (despite our league performance for the last couple of years) is as good as he's going to get, especially with that idiot Levy splashing the cash like there's no tomorrow. We've all said on here that what we need is some hard workers who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty, and Chimbonda's always been that. I wouldn't be disappointed to see him come back (I'd rather him than Keane, at least he's honest about being a scumbag).

    HOWEVER, 2 things: firstly, what happened to the rule about not going back back to a club within a year?? We appear to be tryin g to make a mockery of the league, and I reckon we could get our fingers burnt at some point.

    Second, Levy has all the business nouse of my 1 year old niece, and she recently swapped me a shiny new toy for a bit of old string (sucker that she is!). By acknowledging that he cocked up when selling these players he's making it really clear that he doesn't know what he's doing, which is making him - and the club - a laughing stock, he's just gonna get taken for a ride over and over again. Time for him to move on I think, this does not make him or us look good.