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  • dave dave Jan 6, 2009 18:51 Flag


    hear what you're saying, but the fact is he didn't want to go in the first place, we all know there's no loyalty in the game from either club or players, it's always us fans that suffer ;-)

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    • But was he any good anyway?
      He didn't forge a partnership with Keane, Bent or Berbatov.
      He (IMHO) appeared lazy (and petulant) - what I would have called a 'goal hanger' in my old 'jumpers down for goalposts' days - fair enough he'd knock in the opportunist goals but again (IMHO) never worked for the team per se - he worked for JD glory.
      Keane would run all over the pitch for the team. Berb different, but at least he had class that you'd pay to watch - and was good at holding the ball up and bringing others into play.

      I thought the sale to Pompey was good business (obviously prior to K and B going) - to but him back at an inflated price seems OTT - given that he doesn't appear to be able to play with Bent (although there was limited chance for that partnership to 'gel') - what does that leave?

      I hope I'm wrong and he forges one of those partnerships with Bent or Pav where they feed off each other and both become 20+ scorers rather than the 15 a season they appear to be now.

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      • Hi John... I can't think of anyone who can (play with Bent).
        I am of the same opinion on Defoe, lazy, self centred, etc but so was the greatest goal scorer I watched on a regular basis, Jimmy Greaves.
        I remember one occasion when he picked the ball up near the dugout touchline, against Stoke I think, went round about 5-6 players and the goalie to score. I also remember Defoe picking the ball up near the opposite touchline beating 3-4 players and smashing it into the net against the Gooners.
        Defoe seemed to be working well with the Beanpole at pompey so who knows he may well strike!! up a partnership with Pav.
        Let's hope so at this inflated price.