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  • Jlock Jlock Jan 6, 2009 19:46 Flag


    But was he any good anyway?
    He didn't forge a partnership with Keane, Bent or Berbatov.
    He (IMHO) appeared lazy (and petulant) - what I would have called a 'goal hanger' in my old 'jumpers down for goalposts' days - fair enough he'd knock in the opportunist goals but again (IMHO) never worked for the team per se - he worked for JD glory.
    Keane would run all over the pitch for the team. Berb different, but at least he had class that you'd pay to watch - and was good at holding the ball up and bringing others into play.

    I thought the sale to Pompey was good business (obviously prior to K and B going) - to but him back at an inflated price seems OTT - given that he doesn't appear to be able to play with Bent (although there was limited chance for that partnership to 'gel') - what does that leave?

    I hope I'm wrong and he forges one of those partnerships with Bent or Pav where they feed off each other and both become 20+ scorers rather than the 15 a season they appear to be now.

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    • Hi John... I can't think of anyone who can (play with Bent).
      I am of the same opinion on Defoe, lazy, self centred, etc but so was the greatest goal scorer I watched on a regular basis, Jimmy Greaves.
      I remember one occasion when he picked the ball up near the dugout touchline, against Stoke I think, went round about 5-6 players and the goalie to score. I also remember Defoe picking the ball up near the opposite touchline beating 3-4 players and smashing it into the net against the Gooners.
      Defoe seemed to be working well with the Beanpole at pompey so who knows he may well strike!! up a partnership with Pav.
      Let's hope so at this inflated price.

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      • longtime,
        I really thought that when Bent came on borad Jol had the idea of two partnerships - ie K & B and D & B that he could swap around, but the D & B bit didn't work out. So I assume Bent was 'happier' with just sitting on the bench - and hence Daffy's departure.

        But surely HR would have taken (if not rung) MJ to see why he didn't play daffy with Bent? Much the same as Pav and Bent - if they can't play together then why bring Pav in in the first place? In this case, the daffy / bent thing didn't appear to work - so isn't this a lot of dosh on a hope? Hop HR knows what he's doing....

        PS that talk of JG got me looking for my old THFC year book from 196? - it had that picture of JG slotting the ball home with 3 or 4 players on the ground behind him..What would you pay for a pair like Greaves and Gilzean now?

      • You gonna put your money where your mouth is over the Hartlepool vs West Ham cup game then, Alan H?

        A cheeky 20 quid, for charity.

        Don't large it then bugger orf.