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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Jan 6, 2009 23:51 Flag


    I see Defoe and Pav as being the main partnership, with more of a Bent and Modric pairing for the other.

    Don't forget that in the first season or two of Keane being here he couldn't get a game because of Defoe - he was doing pretty well before he got injured (I think? memory's hazy...) and Keane settled in. Even in the Great Mido season (3 years ago? 4?) it was pretty even between the two of them. He's got roughly a 1 in 2 scoring record for Pompey, and now that Pav's started to settle into the league and shake off his tiredness from the end of the Russian season I think it could be the start of something beautiful...

    I'm still trying really hard to like Bent, so will try to think of something positive to say about him now... he's starting to come into his own, I don't think he's a partnership player but someone that pounces on good midfield service, so if he can get that from Modric/Lennon/Bentley/Hudd(?)/JJ? then we should have 2 viable attacking options there.

    If it all comes off.

    Even if not, I'll be singing for Defoe tonight. Didn't I say he'd be back in time for our Portsmouth game?!?

    In other news, score predictions for tonight?