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  • Alan H Alan H Jan 6, 2009 18:24 Flag


    Perfect example of a guy who couldn't give a damn about anybody but number one. Total disrespect for Portsmouth and their fans.
    He spit his dummy out and said, " I want my Harry."
    So he's back men--tell you what, he'd better produce the goods or I can foresee you Spurs fans remembering this. Tread carefully, Mr Defoe.

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    • Defoe never wanted to leave Spurs in the first place. It's because you guys had the audacity to leave him on the bench behind the class act of Robbie Keane and Berbatrov. So don't go leaving him out again. And if you don't play him in the Carling final he'll never look Harry in the eyes again.
      Harry's being a deceitful old bugger these days apart from kicking Pompey in the teeth. He said he has no part in negotiation it's all down to the board--the other one's got bells on.
      There's no truth he was seen coming out of a pub in Sloane Square with David James the other day is there?

    • I ain't no cockney, have a banana. The last I heard of Alan Hudson down there, John he wasn't in very good shape.
      No, just one of those comments by you that jog the memory, Coates's Bobby Charlton cover the bald patch hair style.
      The Hammers down the road from you against my hometown cup tie coming up's created a bit of interest down there. It might interest you--on their board.

    • Alan,
      All I can say is that I didn't know I was in the presence of such an illustrious footballing personnage - you're not Alan Hudson by any chance? Of that famous trio Hudson, Osgood, and Cooke (ignoring Hutchinson in that).

      No, he was a southern softeeeeee wasn't he?

    • Ralph Coates is an old team-mate of mine, John. He's from Lambton and Hetton in Durham. We played in the same county team together along with Howard Kendall, Frank Spraggon, Wilson Hepplewhite who went to Arsenal but died at a young age and a few others'
      Ralph and Kendall could have signed for most any team in the country. Coates chose Burnley and Kendall Preston who he played for in the cup final the following year.
      Jesus, you think you feel old.

    • ...4-0...
      wasn't Burnley one of those teams we always used to beat (and didn't Ralph Coates come from there with that hair?)
      Ralph Coates, the Morgan twins ----- I'm getting old......

    • I see Defoe and Pav as being the main partnership, with more of a Bent and Modric pairing for the other.

      Don't forget that in the first season or two of Keane being here he couldn't get a game because of Defoe - he was doing pretty well before he got injured (I think? memory's hazy...) and Keane settled in. Even in the Great Mido season (3 years ago? 4?) it was pretty even between the two of them. He's got roughly a 1 in 2 scoring record for Pompey, and now that Pav's started to settle into the league and shake off his tiredness from the end of the Russian season I think it could be the start of something beautiful...

      I'm still trying really hard to like Bent, so will try to think of something positive to say about him now... he's starting to come into his own, I don't think he's a partnership player but someone that pounces on good midfield service, so if he can get that from Modric/Lennon/Bentley/Hudd(?)/JJ? then we should have 2 viable attacking options there.

      If it all comes off.

      Even if not, I'll be singing for Defoe tonight. Didn't I say he'd be back in time for our Portsmouth game?!?

      In other news, score predictions for tonight?

    • ..but don't you think the managers try the partnerships on the training pitch as well? So although they didn't get much league time, I guess that they tried the partneships day-in day-out on the training ground.

      But maybe HR is seeing the partnership as Hudd and Daffy in the same vein as Hodd and Archi - Daffy runs his bum off up front and Hudd does the killer 40yd ball.......

    • hear what you're saying, but the fact is he didn't want to go in the first place, we all know there's no loyalty in the game from either club or players, it's always us fans that suffer ;-)

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      • But was he any good anyway?
        He didn't forge a partnership with Keane, Bent or Berbatov.
        He (IMHO) appeared lazy (and petulant) - what I would have called a 'goal hanger' in my old 'jumpers down for goalposts' days - fair enough he'd knock in the opportunist goals but again (IMHO) never worked for the team per se - he worked for JD glory.
        Keane would run all over the pitch for the team. Berb different, but at least he had class that you'd pay to watch - and was good at holding the ball up and bringing others into play.

        I thought the sale to Pompey was good business (obviously prior to K and B going) - to but him back at an inflated price seems OTT - given that he doesn't appear to be able to play with Bent (although there was limited chance for that partnership to 'gel') - what does that leave?

        I hope I'm wrong and he forges one of those partnerships with Bent or Pav where they feed off each other and both become 20+ scorers rather than the 15 a season they appear to be now.