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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Jan 8, 2009 05:51 Flag

    2nd leg at OT v Derby...7-0

    We all know that Man U will make the final of the CC...whether they want to or not (and who wouldn't want to be in the running for an unprecedented quadruple...ain't gonna happen but, they can dream right).

    Derby did what they had to do tonight, but over two legs...NO CHANCE.

    As for us...we need to go and give Burnley a right bollocking at their place from the opening whistle...a couple of quick goals should put them to bed and us back at Wembley.

    Oh and the Man U score...I'm only half joking, they'll get at least 3 and give up none (and definitely no penalties...we all know the "No penalties against United at Old Trafford rule, right).

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    • i like united trying to sub in some starters at the end there to salvage a goal. I would love to see Derby in the final, should be a easy one for spurs, like you said though Rambro, I can't see Man U tying at home... can hope though I guess. Spurs this dinky cup to get back into europe, i'm afraid our performance in league isn't gonna cut it