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  • benidorm spur benidorm spur Jan 9, 2009 22:45 Flag

    so who do u lot want to buy and play. oh and maybe sell

    afternoon all . just looking at the board and it made think of the above question.
    well i think k jones of sunderland is defo not worth buying , yes hes big and has a bit of pace but i dont rate him. downing ,well this has gone on for ages. he has improved over the last couple of seasons but there is better out there and for less money. then theres appiah , if he coms in who drops out. i dont know much about him but hes a attacking midfielder i think . so does this mean we play 5 in midfield which will mean no need for a striker.

    then to play , well pav and defoe r a must upfront right now, pav looked great against wigan and burnley , so maybe hes gelling in now and will grow in form. and defoe will b lightning now hes back, hes all about confidence and arry will give him that. got to go for lennon modric zokora and ohara in midfield.

    finally , i know ur saying thank god to that . on to who to sell , well bent and bentley look like the 2 most lkely to be shown the door. bent has never really done it for me. maybe not his fault , injurys , of course berba and keane kept him out and then maybe we play different to his style, whatever i think he needs to move on. and im doing a u turn on bentley, he is showning no effort , sense or team play at all and im thinking hes truely overrated now.

    well i think thats it , let me know what u all think.

    benidorm spur

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    • Sell Bentley and KPB.

      Get our top tackler for the last few seasons back in (Steed Malbranque - yeah, Steed Malbranque!)

      Bent I'll have you know is our top scorer...so why is it that everyone wants to get rid of him (of our current squad he's our second top scorer behind...of all people Jermaine Jenas ...BTW I'm not counting Defoe at this point). difference is it's taken JJ over 100 games to get his 18 goals and its taken DB 46 to get his 14...and I bet most of those games he didn't start (and these are perm League goals!). Our man hopefully now in form Roman Pavlyuchenko has a grand total of 3 in 15 in the Prem...I say we didn't get in a striker to offload one, so selling Bent is something I'll have to disagree with you on, Benidorm.

      I'd still like to see a tough tackling pacy DM who knows how to distribute the ball. I'd also like to see another solid CB on the squad. The problem is who? Who fits the bill that we could honestly say we have a chance with...no clue, hopefully Harry's got one.

      As far as a 5 man midfield with one up top...too conservative...if you have two complementary strikers (usually a bulldozer back to the goal hold the ball type and a quick razor sharp snapper upper of chances and half-chances) then a 4-4-2 should be employed..you may lose a bit of width in the middle, but if you have you're ball-winner and your ball distributor the other two can roam and support the front two or the back four as needed. We've got players playing those roles at the moment, but not consistently well.

      I think Modric's a keeper who will only get better. Not sure what's happening with Gio...some reports say he's back in training but not impressing (maybe he preferred JR's style of coaching to HR's). Ghlay's return sounds imminent. Appiah...all I know about him is his fragility.

      (as you all know, I could go on and on and on...as most of us could...but I'll end here).

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      • didnt know that about the prem goals , but there is talk of more strikers coming in and bent could help fund that. just dont think he will ever be a star or do to much. kpb is defo out the door , shame if u asked me, but obviously he isnt doing it in training to warrent a place. would love to see a fully fit gio in the prem. can he be our left side answer??????

        new cb and dm well i think zokora is doing a great job, his passing isnt the best and never let him shot at goal . but he is tireless and a real asset. and it look s like dawson is getting back on form, he got man of the match the other night.

    • D'ya know what benidorm?......Im gonna see how we do against Wigan on Sunday and then maybe try and answer your questions Monday morning!
      We need a performance against the Latics not just a result thats for sure.