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    spurs fans...read and give your opinion please

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    • I pretty much agree with the article...we've definitely lacked guts up the spine of the team for some time now (save a couple of players in a couple of instances). I remember us going out of the FA Cup not so long ago getting pushed around by Leicester...it was men against boys, really pathetic stuff. It's no wonder we don't get what we're after when we play the likes of Stoke, Wigan, Hull, Bolton (well, maybe not Bolton).

      I remember playing in college team in the US and we played against Army (the US Army)...we watched them warm up, giggling at their total lack of technical ability (much less flair)...but we lost to them 0 - 4...why, because they worked their freaking arses off, harried the ball carrier, stayed tight on everyone all over the pitch, had us jumping at on-coming footsteps before long. Our team was made up of lads who came from countries where football was king (not soccer), yet we got run off the park through nothing more than effort grit and guts (and our ability to fold in the face of all of that)...that's the Spurs of today unfortunately (unless we're playing a top 4 side)...I could care less if we lose those 8 games every season as long as we're beating the snot out of, and grabbing three points from the rest.

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      • well,i read all the replies and they say sensible logical theories....the vtalent is there(on paper admittedly)...you look at the tam and think how the hell can't they beat teams like wigan,hull ,stoke etc....and the answer seems to be ....we have no steel....all the great spurts teams in the past had men who could battle,inspier,lead from the front.....like mackay,norman,mullery.....we ain't got one....we have the rapier....but we need a broadsword....who can we get....i am sure 'arry know what we need ,but he get him.....the more games we lose....the more confidence we lose.....could be tense times ahead boys!
        get the tablets ready...lol!

    • Can't argue with most of that really...

      I'm not sure what to do about Bale. I wondered if dropping him for a while might help, at the moment he knows he's a preferred player, in a 4-4-2 it's either him LM & A-E LB or him LB & O-Hara LM, so perhaps putting him to the bench for a while might give him some bite back... then I wondered if he's just getting a mid-season slump and actually the break might do him well... but it wasn't until watch MotD last night it occurred to me it might be confidence.

      He doesn't strike me as the type of player to get complacent, particularly if there's any truth to this talk of JJ getting stripped of the vice-captaincy and going up for sale http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/leagues/premierleague/tottenham/4221269/Tottenham-manager-Harry-Redknapps-row-with-Jermaine-Jenas.html. It might be that he's tired, he only came back from a bad injury in the summer and has played most games since, which means that a spell on the bench might do him some good. However, if it is confidence then that could be the last nail in the coffin...

      Carrying on like this won't do him any good. If he's going to be playing I think he needs some stability in his role, and I know I've been reluctant to admit it before but his defending isn't up to it atm. The problem is, I'd much rather have O'Hara on the left of midfield now, so what do we do with him???

      I reckon it all comes down to training ground fire at the moment, if his heart's not in it he can bench warm for a little while, but if he really wants it then whack him on the pitch - even if he's out of position it'll be better than some of those dozy wasters we've been watching lately.

      Bit of an essay here, and I've been popping back to it on and off for a while, so I may be repeating myself. If so, sorry!