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  • Jlock Jlock Jan 13, 2009 18:47 Flag

    Taking the heat off Harry for a moment...

    I don't know.
    I saw the 'Best Years of Our Lives' with Perryman, Hoddle and Ardiles last night and Burkinshaw sounded like a good manager - but what happened after he left us?
    It seems that everyone has their tide and time and no matter who you put in place it makes no odds. I know that sounds defeatist and a nonsense, but I go back to the point I was making in a different thread.

    You change all the players, the manager, the board - but the team still plays with the same style, they lose to the same teams, they beat the same old teams. How does it all work - how can a team be a bogey team? How can 'arry say about our performance since the Carling Cup, when the whole squad is different. In that time we've sold what - 15 players? And brought in a similar number - so it can't be the team. We've changed the manager - so presumably it can't be that. The board hasn't changed - but the structure of the club has changed (Holy Comolli has gone) - so presumably it's not that.

    Time and tide. It's just not our time.