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  • Alan H Alan H Jan 14, 2009 06:09 Flag

    Taking the heat off Harry for a moment...

    Hi Yiddo, you made a comment to me doubting whether Shanks and Ferguson would have survived starting out in today's climate.
    As regards foreign managers over here hacking it or come to that any manager anywhere now succeeding it's almost out of their hands. We see a lot of passion on some of these boards and that to me is where the real love and knowledge of the game is. The gap's widening between the folks on the terraces and the boardroom. And also the gap between the boardroom and the managers.
    Look at big Phil, a class act by any standards. I get the impression he's shell-shocked by what he's walked into and the promises made to him. It all boils down to how far a manager is prepared to enforce his beliefs before it puts his earnings at risk.
    Mourinhio guided by his agents chose the right moment to take his leave with a couple of million and be restricted no longer, or until the Milan guys force his hand.
    You mentioned Shanks and Ferguson, I'll throw Cloughie into the pot. He took the Derby board on and lost, a disastrous victory for them. Can you imagine him coping with a boardroom of today?

    • Good points Alan and yeah Id forgot about Cloughie. Rambro also makes some good points about 'ambition' which combined with your comments just about sums up modern football AND exactly where Spurs (and probably Toon) have got it all wrong. Our desire to grab that CL spot has backfired on us. We cant be blamed for that desire but its clouded everyones minds as to the correct way to achieve it.

      Any yid will tell you we secretly think we should be up there in the top 4 all the time and Jol tickled its underbelly for a brief moment. This sent us all (the board too) into a frenzy of optimism and expectation .....all we seem to be focussed on is getting there by any means. (at least before the dreaded R word loomed)
      I hate having to go back to basics (they havent worked for us either over the last 20 years btw) BUT short of doing a Man City.. is there really any OTHER way to get there without building a decent team over time whilst keeping faith in your manager? (PS Citeh havent actually achieved anything yet but if todays transfer speculation is anything to go by....look out!)

      Spurs and Toon have a lot in common methinks (apart from all the obvious similarities)......one thing is for sure ...they are both lucky to have such loyal and passionate fans!