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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Jan 14, 2009 18:01 Flag

    Taking the heat off Harry for a moment...

    I've said before, I'd really like a manager - foreign or Brit - to ome in and be given a guaranteed 3 years to do whatever they will with the team safe in the knowledge they won't be sacked. It's a gamble, but I agree it's the pressure and ridiculous demand for instant success which is causing us to slip up time and time again. We need a manager who's allowed to explore and build his own team to build success.

    I think Redknapp would have been given this - he appears to have a very different relationship with Levy to our last few managers - but he doesn't want to be in the game for that much longer (I reckon it's a couple of years, 3 or 4 at best), so what's the big plan now? Maybe he's training up Jamie on the sly...