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    Taking the heat off Harry for a moment...

    We often discuss foreign players and whether they can adapt to the particular peculiarities of our PL (many do, some do not) but what about foreign managers?
    We dont need reminding that Ramos, despite being considered a genius in European circles struggled woefully with the PL and now Scolari, a World Cup winner no less, is having his judgement and tactics called into question rather vociferously today. Is the PL no respecter of reputations?
    AW has performed wonders up the road (yes that did stick in my throat) and Mourinho seemed born for the PL but apart from them is there any other foreigner who has completely sussed what is needed in this league? Should we look to the continent again if Harry retires?
    Good luck to Zola who we all agree is a lovely bloke but its early days for him yet. So who else has cracked it do you think?

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    • Rafa up in Pool seems to be doing ok at the mo. So theres another for your list. Apart from him my minds gone blank...... Unless you count Scots as foriengners then you can include SAF and Mr O'Neill at Villa as well..!!!!

    • BMJ - but we got rid of him.......;-)

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      • Rafa of course....ahem cough...I was just testing ya!

        I dont consider SAF, MON etc as foreigners....the English, Scottish (even Irish) style of game....the traditions, tactics etc are virtually identical anyway....no culture shocks there.

        BMJ is sorely missed (but I suspect if we werent so sh*t at the moment he wouldnt get a mention). He was someone who loved and new the English game (he palyed for WBA). He will be back at some point Im sure.

        Question is.. now we have had our fingers burnt with senor Ramos.....who lets face it...was considered like the 5th best manager in the world when we got him......what type of man is it gonna take to make Spurs the team we all want them to be?
        A mediocre battler like Harry or Kinnear? A wily, emotional type like MON, a sophisticated likeable lightweight like Zola? We thought we'd got lucky with Ramos....so I doubt we will be looking for the new Wenger if he is out there.......

    • The funny thing is...we could've had Wenger...problem is, our record with managers he would have gotten the boot before he had a chance to acomplish anything anyway (it took him a few seasons to get comfy didn't it?).

      We might be a victim of our own ambitions. We mae the incoming regime promise the moon...anything less is failure, so they get the sack. We need to ratchet it down a bit because the gung-ho expectations approach just ain't working, you can't become Man U overnight (they didn't become who they are overnight, so how the hell could anyone else).

      Look at O'Neil at Villa...he was once linked to us...many said "Not Likely" - "He's not the one to take us to that next level". But Villa gave him a chance (yeah he did have a few sweaty collar nights at one point, but they hung in there, and he's making good. Built a team with equal parts flair and grit and bags of pace...bit iffy at the back but better than most, as their league position shows.

      Whoever we get (this is considering Redknapps going anywhere) we'll have to look at taking baby steps (lets hope they're first baby step isn't re-entry into the Premier League...that's like a freakin' Moon Walk!)...and would have to be given time and support (not necessarily bags of momey to buy overrated players...we've been doing that...and it hasn't worked (if they come good, someone takes them of our hands with the promise of more and greater glory...we need to let those types of players know that they can achieve that here and be more renkowned for it than becoming a cog in a juggernaut). If they don't come good, we've wasted millions in money and time as far as becoming a better team. The one thing to date we seem to have a handle on is how to manage a set back...because that seems to be what drives our existence at this point. Get a new manager of note, but a big name player or two (who got there big names from tournament play when they were basically in the shop window (sorry Luka...sorry Zok...sorry Pavly...and if we get Appiah...then sorry to him too because he made his name in the WC as well). Yes there are some that get snapped via that route that come good, but we don't seem to be able to pick those ones out vs the ones we end up with.

      (Just took a look at the title of the subnect, boy did Iever go off topic! I said to myself after the Wigan game that I was gonna shut my trap (to myself, as I would've probably heard the chorus of "YES's" from the UK to here!).

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      • Hi Yiddo, you made a comment to me doubting whether Shanks and Ferguson would have survived starting out in today's climate.
        As regards foreign managers over here hacking it or come to that any manager anywhere now succeeding it's almost out of their hands. We see a lot of passion on some of these boards and that to me is where the real love and knowledge of the game is. The gap's widening between the folks on the terraces and the boardroom. And also the gap between the boardroom and the managers.
        Look at big Phil, a class act by any standards. I get the impression he's shell-shocked by what he's walked into and the promises made to him. It all boils down to how far a manager is prepared to enforce his beliefs before it puts his earnings at risk.
        Mourinhio guided by his agents chose the right moment to take his leave with a couple of million and be restricted no longer, or until the Milan guys force his hand.
        You mentioned Shanks and Ferguson, I'll throw Cloughie into the pot. He took the Derby board on and lost, a disastrous victory for them. Can you imagine him coping with a boardroom of today?