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  • Steve Steve Jan 13, 2009 06:20 Flag

    wigan match

    At Last..somebody who says it how it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Martin,what we need is a strong central midfielder ..Graham Roberts Esq..springs too mind..to many prima-donnas..go back to basics get lennon on the ball,flog all of the above..and buy Bullard and Distin.king is not fit enough Daws and woodgate can do a job at the back as well ??
    COYS..for F$%K sake wake up and smell the coffee,because it aint guner be cappacinos and mochas down in the championship..more like Mellow birds????

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    • Good thinking ....we could swop Bentley for Bullard and Gilberto for Distin and even through in Rocha.
      Think Fulham and Pompey are that gullible???
      I wish.

      Bullard is exactly what we need. Someone who puts it about, has a good brain and says what he thinks. Has the ability to hit a deadball between the posts or, from a corner, past the first defender.
      Unlike his proposed swap!!!

      Distin is commanding, a good reader of the game, heads the ball well and works his back four as a unit.
      Unlike the 2 for 1 offered in exchange!!!!

      Heartfelt PLEASE to my team, COYS.....
      Is the S for Spurs or $h1t??

      IMO the latter at present. End of ..........

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      • Before last Tuesday's match in the pub we were saying we thought O'Hara had lost a bit of his fire (we took it back afterwards!) and we should send him on a 2 week loan spell back to Millwall - that'd toughen them up and make them want to fight for their place! We made a deal with our Lions fan uncle that they could have O'Hara for two weeks, then Bent or Jenas for two weeks, as long as they took Bentley for the whole time any other player was there.

        Can you imagine the team we'd have after that... fire in their bellies and anger in their eyes, you'd never get over an experience like that! ;)