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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Jan 21, 2009 17:58 Flag

    The 11 racists

    As clever as you are for removing the context of what I said there, it doesn't alter the body of my post. As you will have seen from reading it all the way to the end (well done you!), I was explaining why there had not been more discussion on this matter, which is because in my view - and I believe the views of others here - it is done with, and I didn't care to discuss it anymore.

    I was not entering a debate on the issues raised, I was pointing out I'd not raised it myself because the matter was a non-entity to me; I was bored of it. Thus answering the questions asked by the original poster.

    But you know all of this because you read what I wrote.

    Any more smart arse retorts?