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  • NLondonisred NLondonisred Jan 15, 2009 01:02 Flag

    The 11 racists

    As you can tell Im a gooner and I do not spend time looking at the spurs page but i was intrigued to see if there was going to be any comment on what is quite a bold move by the old bill which was announced yesterday! So I came to have a look at the response and was not disapointed. I hold my hands up to the fact that I did not look at the time of the match. Essex no I did not join in when Cashley got hammered but it was no where near as offensive as what SC got.
    I did feel the need to post when Eboue got it, as i think it so easy to stand in a crowd of people and pick on someone who cannot defend themselves, but maybe you guys just dont understand that.
    Its sad.

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    • Now why didnt you attempt to put your original post in a mature and reasonable way? Instead your style and wording was typical of the juvenile goon posters we are used to slapping around in here and you got the only response you deserved.
      We welcome serious debate from all fans in here (even you lot)and you are more than welcome to try again but if your only intent is to try a ham fisted and petty wind up whilst insulting our intelligence in the process......then expect nothing less than our derision in return.