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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Jan 14, 2009 22:38 Flag

    V Portsmouth...

    ...That's gonna be a tasty game! I hadn't thought about just how much Pompey fans must hate us until today; we took their beloved manager, they welcomed one of our strikers into the midst with hero worship and he fucked them off as soon as he got a chance to come back and have first team football, AND they've just made all these arrests from last time we were in their neck of the woods! Brilliant...

    it's a shame, I really admired the way they built their team, I'd just not thought about how it worked the other way round.

    Predictions for Sunday? I don't mean scores, I mean off-pitch/in the tunnel!

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    • Its a no contest off the pitch (although we have no particular axe to grind with Pompey's fans per se).....I can see our fans being rather more anxious and repoccupied than them though as we need those bleedin 3 points.
      While they will be screaming at Harry, Big Joe and JD our lot will be too busy kicking every ball to notice them I reckon!!