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    Cup results V League results

    Morning all..... Do you think that the reason we do well in cup games and are pretty $h!te in league games is because the cup game is a one off..
    Teams set up differently in the league, make it hard for us to break them down. Well, with our "creativity", it's hard!!
    They are happy to grind out a 0-0 draw or try to get a late goal to win it.
    In the cup the opposition are more likely to want to win too and maybe they are more expansive with their own game plan. They probably don't want replays either. Which creates gaps making it easier for our creative artisans to play through for the strikers!!!!!!!
    Just my opinion you understand.
    What thoughts? If any.

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    • Morning Longtime.

      That's probably part of it, but I think it's much more down to us than them. The team we put out can be the same in a league game and a cup game, but the team in the up wants it so much more, they play with a proper urgency. It's like the old 'new manager' effect (look what a difference that made to us this season), they know it's probably their only chance to do it so they go out and give it their all. That combined with a couple of pretty good runs over the last few seasons has probably developed a bit of a "we're a cup team" mentality in the squad - it's a self-perpetuating feeling of not being quite good enough in the league.

      Also, they know it's nice to win, and it's easier to win a cup than the league.

      That's what I reckon anyway, and is why I thought Redknapp would be good for the team - I hoped he could lift the mood in the dressing room and make winning a habit - but at the moment that team spirit's missing a bit. Hopefully the cup match congestion we're about to hit will bring us some regular winning form in cup matches that can be transferred to the league.

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      • Hi nbr ..........I'd be happy to lose to manu next week if we get through on Thursday. That's certainly not a formality with our players.
        See Manu are looking at Palacios, they'll nick him away from us. I wouldn't be surprised to see Bellamy end up at Man City as well!
        It's going to be hard to attract good players here to the possibility of a relegation scrap.
        We could do with a bit of Harry's magic in the transfer market.
        See his interview, not interested in letting players leave unless they are fringe players.
        That's sensible but a shame as well. Bentley, Beht , Jenas et al will still be here come February.
        I just hope they start playing for the team and not just pouncing around as usual!!