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  • Hey guys it could be worse you could have got Bellamy!!!!!!!!!!

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    • This must be the straw that broke the camels back for Bent........and he's only got himself to blame this time. A lot of people had sympathy for him early on in his Spurs career when he wasnt given much chance to prove himself yet remained stoic and positive about things....never complaining.
      Well he has had plenty of opportunity to get his name first on the teamsheet since then and has been found 'wanting'. Yesterday was so important to us and a perfect opportunity for him to be the hero......he blew it spectacularly (like he did against Germany when given his England chance).....sorry Bent, youre just not up to it ol son.
      I havent forgotten the vital goals he has scored for us this season BUT one thing all great strikers usually have is reliabilty and confidence in front of goal......we havent got enough time to allow him to discover both.

    • Every cloud has a silver linning Guru.